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call of duty soundtrack

 call of duty soundtrack

Call of Duty

Length: 4:59
Levels: Introduction, End Credits


Length: 3:09
Levels: Pathfinder

Countryside Drive

Length: 4:14
Levels: Normandy Route N13

Approaching The Tirpitz

Length: 2:38
Levels: Battleship Tirpitz

Below Deck

Length: 1:47
Levels: Battleship Tirpitz

Stukas And Flakvierlings

Length: 3:11
Levels: Airfield Escape

Eder Dam

Length: 3:26
Levels: The Eder Dam

Taking Stalingrad

Length: 3:52
Levels: Stalingrad

Breaking Through

Length: 2:02
Levels: Eder Dam Getaway

Red Square

Length: 1:38
Levels: Red Square

Sewers Under Stalingrad

Length: 1:54
Levels: Stalingrad Sewers, The Eder Dam

Tanks A Lot

Length: 3:25
Levels: Oder River Country, Oder River Town

Pegasus Bridge

Length: 2:50
Levels: Pegasus Bridge-Day

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